Smartcaze Firebird Lemarc
Smartcaze Firebird Lemarc
Smartcaze Firebird Lemarc


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The Smartcaze fits in with the advent of new ways of paying: payments by bank card and credit card are on the up, so there is less need for a traditional wallet that can hold change and bank notes. This Smartcaze is rendering old-fashioned wallets redundant.
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Smartcaze Firebird Lemarc

Smartcaze Original cleverly taps into this trend with an uncomplicated and sleek wallet that protects cards and bank notes, without compromising on quality and convenience. Smartcazes are made according to Scandinavian design standards: innovative and of the highest quality. With many different models to choose from, there is a Smartcaze to suit every style. Whether it be hip and trendy, or timeless and sleek, for men or for women, there’s a Smartcaze for everyone.

Informacje dodatkowe Smartcaze Firebird Lemarc

numer artykułu SC1011
Kod EAN 7350072320104
Marki Smartcaze
Kraj Pochodzenia Szwecja
Linia Produktów Smartcaze Firebird
Kolor Czarny
Materiał Aluminium
Rozmiar Produktu 95 x 63 x 11mm
Gwarancja 1 rok